Perfect Modern Stair Railing

Posted on Interior

If you live in a loft, a large house or a small two levels obviously can choose the type of railing and stairs that you want in your home. Espaciohogar you speak now of modern stair railing, ladders transparent combined with metal or wood that seems to float. Stairs of all types of concrete with LED glass, granite or wood stairs.

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Nothing to do with the stairs of life, modern stair railing surprised by their minimalist designs futuristic and imaginative, sometimes it’s hard to believe a ladder as they have designs that seem impossible, especially to bring a radically different look to set our house.

The evolution of design in architecture we see in new construction and in interior designs. The stairs are elements that connect spaces, also occupy a prime space in the house. Stairs reflect different styles, modern, rustic, classic, and depending on the model chosen will be perfect to communicate two floors of a large house, or that are smaller and ideal for lofts reduced in size.

Latest technology as the insulated glass frameless now trend and not only that but also allows stairs that seem to float. Profiles with aluminum alloy, polished stainless steel designs and modern stair railing perfect for homes with modern minimalist d├ęcor