Purple Accent Chair

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Purple Accent Chair  – Use different colors together to create a visually interesting environment with purple accent chair walls and gray accents. Gray is a color that goes well with any color; but usually it is hard to find colors that blend well with purple. However, you can create an elegant and modern bedroom by combining colors that work well together with dark purple by choosing the right combinations monochromatic color scheme   Choose a color or monochrome color scheme that are in the same family of colors like purple, a room with dark purple walls.

The colors purple accent chair that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as purple and yellow, are considered complementary colors. A room with dark purple walls can use yellow and gray accents. You can use these colors individually, as mixing and matching bedding of yellow and gray and has a carpet of yellow or gray.

When a color purple accent chair is used together with the two colors adjacent to its complement, as the use of purple with yellow-green and yellow orange, which is using what is called complementary colors division. As with  gray, yellow green and yellow-orange colors can serve as accents in a room with dark purple walls.