Reclaimed Wood Ideas for a Hanging Panel Behind the Sink

Posted on Kitchen Cabinets

Reclaimed wood ideas – Many materials are used to protect the wall behind the sink splashes, as tile, marble and stone. If you are looking for a different style, but still traditional, for your kitchen, consider using wood. These walls generally combine well with wooden balconies, but can work with other types, depending on the material, color and type of wood used.

For those concerned about the decline of the world’s tree population, an option is to install a panel made ​​with reclaimed wood ideas. Some designers claim to use branches as well, but you should check the certifications to ensure that this is true. If you want counters match the panel, you can look for some made ​​of recycled wood or use other materials such as clay or cement.

Some people and kitchens of designers have used this material to make cheap countertops. Instead of using a different material behind the sink, people extend the use of wood for the wall, creating the panel. As balconies made ​​of this he, you need to regularly clean so that bacteria do not develop. Over time, the wood surface can scratch and stain depending on the type used. To restore reclaimed wood ideas, sand it before applying a new coating or finish.