Replace the Baseboard Molding After Carpet Installation

Posted on Interior

Socket consists of thin wooden decorative parts that run along the bottom of the walls in a room. Primarily they serve a decorative function and hide the holes near the bottom of the walls and edges of floors, such as carpet. You can replace it after installation of the carpet as well. The main issue is to keep the baseboard molding high enough to accommodate the depth of the carpet.

Put heavy work gloves and walk to one side of the carpeted room. Hold the edge of the carpet and pull up the underlying tack strip. Fold the carpet back in about 1-2 feet to provide space to install the baseboard molding. Place 1/4 inch wooden wedges into the ground at intervals of 12 inches.

Measure the length of the wall using a tape measure to determine the length of the base plate has to be. Measure the same distance on a piece of the motherboard and mark with a pencil. Insert the baseboard in the miter box align the pencil mark with the mark of 45 degrees. Fold the carpet into place and put the edge near the wall below the baseboard molding with a carpet knife or spatula.

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