Sealing Basement Window Wells Water

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Basement window wells hold the earth in your basement window. During the installation of the window, so it is important to take the necessary sealing between the window well and the foundation measures. This prevents the water from the land surrounding the entrance to the window of his good and forming a puddle in front of the basement window.

Dig a hole for your window well, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the window so ahead of his basement window with mounting flanges pressed against its foundation. Place a 4-foot level across the top of the basement window wells and set the pot to sit straight.

Mark the flange bolt holes’ on the foundation and eliminate the window. Drill pilot holes through the marks, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place anchors into the holes. Place a tube of silicone sealant in a caulk gun. Run a thick bead of sealant 3/8 down the length of each mounting flange.

Lower the window and back into the hole. Align the screw holes with the pilot holes you drilled. Press firmly against the basement window wells and the foundation of your house and bolt in place.Clean any additional sealant that leaks below the lashes with a paper towel.