Simple Way to Install Outdoor Curtains with Grommets

Posted on Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor curtain with grommets is fabric panels with large holes in them at one end of the curtain rod to slide through. Measure the window from outside the frame, outside the box with a tape measure. Hold the curtain rod in place and use a level to get it right before marking the position of the brackets with a pencil. Drilling holes in the wall and a wall stud, or place the wall anchors into the holes if there is no stud in the area. Tight brackets down with a screwdriver and mounting screws included with the bracket.

Take the end crucifers from the curtain rod, and set them aside. Take one of outdoor curtains with grommets and start feeding the rod through the grommets until it is completely up on the rods. Release the second drape on the rod in the same way as the first.

Set drapery rod in brackets by sliding one end in a few inches up the other end slide in the other brackets. Reattach dressed on both ends of the bar so it will not slide back out of the parentheses. Tighten set screws on top of the brackets with a screwdriver to hold the rod firmly in place. That’s a way to install outdoor curtains with grommets. May you can get it.