Special Rattan Bar Stools

Posted on Home Furniture

Material used for manufacture of rattan bar stools is a special type of cane obtained from certain species of palms. These palm trees are commonly grown in tropical countries of Asia, Africa and Australia. Rattan uniqueness is that it is very strong and flexible. There are several advantages of rattan furniture at home.

Texture of rattan bar stools has a soft natural feel for him. Its luster enhances its visual appeal and makes it more attractive. Like wood, you can paint or stain. They are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another quite easily. It has high durability and can be used for several years. When used for years, some problem of wear has to emerge, but it can be solved with some minor repair work rattan furniture at home.

Excellent way to repair dents and damage rattan bar stools is application of boiled linseed oil. This will facilitate expansion of rod that in turn fills cracks. Dip a paintbrush in boiled linseed oil and rub it on surface of furniture. Let oil soak for half an hour or so. Then rub surface with a soft cloth. So longevity increases furniture for many years.