Special Tin Ceiling Tiles

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Tin ceiling tiles are often recorded and elaborate decorative motifs that can add character to many decorating projects. Old roof tiles may have peeling paint that can enhance stylish decor, rustic French country style or shabby. Stores local home improvement and online retailers offer new tin ceiling tiles. Search within local architectural salvage yards for old roof tiles and difficulties.

Create a decorative wall mirror using a single plate tin roof to hold the mirror. Attach a panel much smaller than the dimensions of the tiles in the center of the ceiling plate mirror. Make sure you connect the mirror to mirror tin ceiling tiles mastic to protect the mirror. If you prefer to make a large wall mirror, place four ceiling tiles from the board of thin plywood in a square formation. Centre panel mosaic mirror or mirror tiles in the four tin. In both designs mirror wall, ceiling tiles tin become a decorative edge to the mirror.

Improve outer wooden or plastic planters civil with tin ceiling tiles. Centre tiles on the sides of the pot or planters cover completely. Cover the tile with outer polyurethane spray to protect them from the elements and can be used outdoor decorative planters.