Special Tuscan Style Homes

Posted on Home Decor

With little money and a dash of creativity, you can take a bit of the countryside Italy to your home. The central themes of the style of life of Tuscan style homes are food and nature; the more rustic decor is better. The antique wooden furniture acquired elegant demeanor when decorating around them is inspired by the wine, and the rough beams and floorboards become sophisticated when mixed with earth tones and the green of the plants and herbs.

Paint the walls in earthy colors (dark red, orange, olive green, brown or russet). Tuscan style homes are inspired by nature; using a non-toxic paint you’ll stay true to the theme. This decorative style is also rich in textures. Paint the walls with a sponge to create attractive designs.

To give the room a authentic Tuscan style homes, use the subject of wine and grapes for garnish. Garlands of vines hanging around the front doors or a row of lights shaped like grapes. Arrange wooden bowls full of grapes real or imitation and uses a wrought iron rack to display your wine bottles. If you are an artist, do some drawings of empty bottles of wine, vinegar and olive oil, and place on kitchen shelves and countertops.