Trendy Closet Shelving Ideas

Posted on Home Furniture

Space Segment walk-in closet shelving ideas to create a variety of cubicles and shelves at different heights. Segments come in different sizes and are a good choice for storing shoes, hats, sweaters or other items that do not usually hang out. Fill in the blanks and make good use of the segments by installing shelves and dividers modular units that are in various sizes.

Add dressing to lower shelves to make room for storing seasonal clothes or items that do not get used often. Bins or baskets serve as closet shelving ideas options for back of closet. Baskets keep items organized and can be used to store various items, as well as socks, underwear, hats and scarves. As the bottom shelf, top shelf stores and organizes the elements that are used only occasionally. Blankets, sheets and pillows can be placed on the top shelf space. Shelves should be about 1 foot from the ceiling so you can access the easier elements.

Installing a designated closet shelving ideas for shoes creates a space walk-organized ground. Shoes shelf space can take as much or as little as you like, depending on the number of shoes. Sort the shoes like that for easy access. Upper or lower rack is best for high boots.