Troubleshoot LED Solar Lanterns Outdoor

Posted on Outdoor Furniture

Solar lanterns outdoor – Solar LED flashlights use rechargeable Ni-Cd charged by sunlight. Ideally, solar flashlights automatically turn on at night. If your solar LED lanterns are not turning into one of the following solutions commonly reported problems will help solve the problem.

Check your battery LED solar lanterns outdoor, flashlight is properly charged. If the weather has been cloudy, solar rechargeable flashlight could not have had the opportunity to fully charge. If this is the reason for its solar flashlight is not working when the weather improved and the sun rises, the problem will remedy itself. Check whether the rechargeable battery solar LED flashlight needs to be replaced. Several times a year you should check to make sure the battery is working and replace, if necessary.

Clean the solar panel in LED flashlight. A very dirty solar panel can prevent your flashlight to receive the sun you need to recharge your battery. Clean dirt from the solar panel with a cloth dampened in a solution of mild soap and water. Move your solar LED flashlight for a place that receives the most direct sunlight complete as possible. Replace your solar lantern to a place away from other light sources. Your LED solar lanterns outdoor flashlight cannot be changed automatically at night because its center of photocell light is confused by the porch or street lights.