Upholstered Ottoman

Posted on Home Furniture

Brands have a padded Upholstered Ottoman -relax and watch TV even more enjoyable. But have you seen the prices of these lately? They can be very expensive, but the worst is that they are very well made and the fabric usually does not match your decor. There is a simple way to solve this problem to his pouf.

First you need to think about the size you want the upholstered ottoman it. So if you want a 2 meter cube you want to drill the holes, so that you can store things inside. These make great storage options, so as not to waste space. Cutting edge of four pieces of 2 square feet, then use a small piece of wood on the inside of each corner and screw the sides to the piece of wood inside.

Once you have a bucket of four sides, no high or low, it is recommended to measure upholstered ottoman the top and bottom for the panel size is necessary for both. Then cut them out of plywood. The top is mounted with hinges, to open and close, but the bottom can be installed with screws. You can use fabric paint or stain the bottom or use.