Wall Mount Ironing Board

Posted on Bedroom

Wall Mount Ironing Board – Even folding, remain large and bulky and take up much space in a closet. In the new construction you can avoid this problem by installing a board in between wall studs. However, after a house has been built, this is not really an option for most of us. A good compromise is a board on the wall. These are available in home stores in kits that include a board mounted inside a cabinet to place it directly on a wall. When you need to board, you just open the closet and unfold the ironing board.

Begin by determining the best place to wall mount ironing board install your new board. You need some clear space on the wall, ample space and a location close to a power outlet. Open the box containing the kit board and check that all parts are there. You must have the closet door (s), door hinges and mounting bolts for the cabinet.

Now remove the doors closed while the cabinet is installed. Determine how high you want to mount your cabinet. The standard height of an ironing board is 36 inches off the ground, but keep wall mount ironing board in mind the height of the cabinet itself.