Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Posted on Interior

Today you have some original ideas of wall mounted coat rack with dual functionality of being able to hang and store small object. When decorating your apartment or reform, it is essential to think of a place to leave things (coat, keys) to get home. We all love the order, but not everyone ordered. One of the great advantages of hiring a professional is the ability of knowing how to organize your household goods and how to exploit every corner, also doing it with grace.

In the case of wall mounted coat rack, most solutions fall short for dual use they should have. They have to be at the entrance of the house and should be able, aside from allowing hang a coat, leaving the keys, purse, sunglasses, etc … i.e. those elements that tend to want rid upon arrival.

We find particularly original use of chairs and wall mounted coat rack, attention to the Panton chair from Vitra center. Cut it must have been, certainly a work of specialists. The chairs have vertical elements which allow easy hanging coats and horizontal elements where leaving any type of small object.