Wall Mounted Shelving is Perfect Solution

Posted on Home Furniture

Leave shelves in beautiful wall mounted shelving finishes wood such as oak; teak, walnut, mahogany, pine and chestnut change any room in your house. You can buy prefabricated shelves of different sizes, colors and finishes in store home improvement, or you can use fresh or recycled wood to fashion their own shelves. What to do with empty shelves makes walls look more interesting organizes.

If you have a bright or dark color on walls of living room, dining room or kitchen, you can make this color with white trim. Some houses have white trim along, along edges of doors and windows and to match by crown or base molding on all sides by walls, floors and ceilings. Use wall mounted shelving on white wall of monochrome painting and contrasting white finish combined work.

One of biggest challenges in a home set is how to organize clutter. Your pantry is a perfect transform wall mounted shelving space. For example, you can remove wire shelf so far spaced vertically in pantry. Collect food by size, with shelves for jams and jellies, glassware, cans of soup, large containers, and boxes of dry goods, spices, soda cans, noodles and other miscellaneous. This is perfect solution for space surface wall.

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